Kim Jong-un urges modernization of factories at citwristbands promo codey bordering China

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PYONGYANG - The leader of the Democratic People"s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong-un, has called for modernizing textile and paper industries at the border city of Sinuiju next to China"s Dandong city, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported Monday.

During a recent inspection of the Sinuiju Textile Mill, which was established in 1959, Kim said the mill must upgrade into a modern production base.

After learning about the mill"s supply service and the living conditions of its employees, Kim said the Workers" Party of Korea (WPK) committee at the mill had not paid attention to improving employees" working and living conditions, KCNA reported.

It said Kim set forth detailed tasks and ways for modernizing the mill, saying, "To radically develop the textile industry is very important in making a breakthrough for the improvement of people"s standard of living."

While inspecting the Sinuiju Chemical Fiber Mill, Kim reportedly reproved officials for failing to take pains to finish upgrading the paper manufacturing process, prioritized by the party, as early as possible.

He also "gave guidance" at the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory and praised it for updating the production process. He encouraged it "to continue to make a leap forward to attain a higher goal," KCNA said.

During a full session of the WPK in April, the DPRK decided to concentrate all national efforts on "economic construction."

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